Personal Loans No Commissions


Banks are tempted to increase the value of commissions charged to their customers. When we talk about credit and personal credit, this tendency tends to be greater since when we need a credit we are willing to give in and pay to be able to solve some problem.


Is There No Personal Commissions?


Most traditional banks charge different commissions. Account maintenance commissions. Commission of the dossier. Evaluation Committee. Commission of everything and anything else. It should be noted, however, that traditional banks can charge commissions but ultimately charge lower interest rates than those charged by credit financial institutions.

In turn, the credit financial institutions position their commercial argument in the absence of commissions. For example, Cofidis does not charge a commission to initiate proceedings, a benefits processing commission or an early amortization commission (very useful to save money).

How to Evaluate Different Personal Credit Proposals?

How to Evaluate Different Personal Credit Proposals?

When comparing different personal credit proposals we inevitably have to take into account all costs and commissions. Thus, it is not only a matter of looking at the interest rate but also on commissions and other financial products. A more careful analysis leads us to conclude that the proposals of traditional banks and credit institutions tend to be more or less equivalent.

How to Choose a Personal Credit?

How to Choose a Personal Credit?

To choose a personal credit we have to consult different alternatives. We have to simulate various benefits for different deadlines and taking into account the APR of each proposal. To facilitate your analysis we have created a personal credit simulator. We contact you the different financial institutions and we will refund you the lowest interest rate for your personal credit. And the best part is that it also has no analysis and dossier costs!


Personal Loan for Works


Personal loan applications to finance housing improvements. If you want to make a credit for works, keep some warnings in mind and make an in-depth reflection to make the best possible decision.


Do I Even Need to Do the Works?

The first question to ask is to reflect on the need to carry out the works. It may happen that you do not even need the works or that you find alternatives to not have such a high cost. Sometimes slight changes at home or some DIY jobs can represent significant savings and prevent you from having to apply for a personal loan for construction.

Do I Even Need The Personal Loan?

Personal Loan

If you really need to do works in your home you should make a strict budget and negotiate well the prices of the works. Sometimes the search of different reliable suppliers could represent significant savings in their works. If you can not afford the works with savings and if you can not wait a few months to do your work, you may need a personal loan.

How to Have the Cheapest Personal Loan?

How to Have the Cheapest Personal Loan?

The “secret” to finding the cheapest personal loan consists of looking for alternatives and negotiating with the various banks. Ilya of Murom and its partners do this task for their customers without any cost of analysis or process, allowing our customers to save a lot of time and money throughout the process.

Use Our Personal Loan Simulator

Use Our Personal Loan Simulator

To get an idea of ​​the provision of your personal loan, we suggest that you use the personal loan simulator. By using the simulator you will realize how much your loan will be rendered and how much your work will cost. Knowing your performance will make you aware of your possibilities to support the monthly cost. Pay attention to your effort rate and do not forget the benefits with the other credits.

Have You Given This Alternative?

Have You Given This Alternative?

If you have several credits and if you need additional liquidity, why not consider the possibility of making a consolidated credit requesting additional liquidity? In this circumstance, you can not only download the installments with your current credits but also free up space in your budget to carry out your works. Keep in mind, however, that you should only do the credit if you have no other alternatives.


What is the actual impact of doing debt consolidation?

What is the general image of debt consolidation?

One thing that is of concern to those who have never had debt consolidation until now is that the image of debt consolidation is not very good. Many people say that they do not want to settle their debt even in situations where it is necessary to arrange debt.

It is quite bad that the image of the debt consolidation of the world is so bad. In fact, it is said that in fact what many people have a bad image on debt consolidation is that it is possible to point out a cold view from the world by doing debt consolidation.

So many people are concerned about what kind of eyes they can see from the surroundings by having debt consolidation rather than disliking to do the debt consolidation itself. The custom of looking at those who deal with debt in a cold view is prevalent in Japanese society. It is said that everything seems like everything, regardless of whether or not you have debt settled for a decent reason.

What will happen by doing debt consolidation actually?

And what really affects you when debt consolidation is concerned when you become in a situation where you actually have to debt consolidation. Then, what we actually have is that basically it will be subject to various restrictions after debt consolidation.

One of them is that you can not use credit cards. This means that you can not accept payment with credit cards for any reason why you have overlooked debts. In other words, it is not allowed to pay by postpay.

Also, when you do debt consolidation, there are things that you can not affix to the loan afterwards because it tends to be the most annoying thing. This also makes it impossible for all loans to be assembled from the judgment that it is inappropriate for a person who did debt consolidation to make a loan. Of course, of course, we can not borrow money from consumer finance etc. after debt consolidation.

Once you do debt consolidation you will no longer be trusted so you will not be able to borrow from anywhere. Because it is quite influential to do debt consolidation even once, please be careful.

What should be thought of when it is necessary to undertake debt consolidation

Then, when it comes to situations that actually require debt consolidation, what should be done is that it is necessary to compare the impacts of debt consolidation and the effects that occur when debt physiology is not done. So it is important to think seriously which one is better to choose.

Especially when borrowing money from a relative etc even if it is in a situation where you have to do debt consolidation it is better not to arrange debt as much as possible in that case if you can repay your debts. Because debt consolidation has a considerable impact on social life.

So it is better that you do not choose debt consolidation easily if you manage to do it yourself even if it comes to situations where debt consolidation is required. There is that it is better to avoid debt consolidation by repaying even if borrowing money from familiar people if there is possibility if possible.

That is certainly better for him to live a life after that. So it is better to decide on debt consolidation without considering which one has a better effect on yourself, rather than trying to quickly debt settlement even if you have to do the debt consolidation.

Best Personal Loans


You are determined to take out a personal loan so you should now be aware of certain factors to ensure you get the best deal. When talking about the best personal credit, never forget to give guarantees and to prepare your process with caution. You can save money by following the following tips.


Beware of the Costs of Opening Credit Process

Beware of the Costs of Opening Credit Process

Some financial institutions charge fees or commissions to open credit process. Unfortunately some banks do not speak of these commissions at the outset which eventually leads customers to pay commissions which they later can not recover. In this context, it is important to note Cofidis’s position, which presents contracts with no opening, dossier and early amortization fees.

The costs of the process are particularly penalizing in credit agreements of smaller amounts. If it is a fixed commission (for example, € 150- € 200) the commission weight in the total credit will be the higher the lower the financial value. Incidentally, this feature often leads bank customers to ask for higher values ​​than those who were thinking at the outset.

Caution : If you want to start your credit process, you need to be identified with all the commissions and costs associated with your process. For example, Pierre Bezukhov does not charge any costs.


Always Look At The APR

Always Look At The APR

When applying for your personal credit you should always look for the interest rate applied and the associated costs that are typically hidden. Do not focus your analysis on the value of the personal credit benefit since this depends not only on the interest rate but also on the term and various costs such as insurance premiums, valuation fees, analysis fees, among others. By comparing the Annual Effective Annual Rate (APR) you will be able to get an overview of what is the best alternative for your credit.

Simulate and Re-Simulate Your Credit Facility

Credit Facility

We do not tire of alerting to the need to simulate and negotiate the conditions of your personal credit . If you are borrowing money on time you do not have to accept the first proposal that comes to you. If, on the other hand, you need a fast personal credit you should be aware of some risks and alerts. In any case, why not use Pierre Bezukhov’s credit simulator and see how much your monthly installment will be?

Mortgage Loans – Early Amortization Dilemma


Housing credit is the main credit of most bank customers and, as a general rule, the lethargy leads to the generality of clients doing nothing to efficiently manage the debt effort. In fact, the generality knows that it has to pay every month and as long as they bear with the installment or this does not weigh in the monthly budget then there is no reason to worry about housing credit. Unless, it is fashionable in the market to renegotiate housing credit conditions, a phenomenon that draws crowds to the banks’ counters.

It is not necessary for the market to respond so that it is necessary to renegotiate or manage housing credit, it is enough if there is a need to do so, or the opportunity and the financial conditions to do so. An improvement in the financial conditions of the banking customer or even the banking relationship, ie the existence of a diversified product portfolio and value for the bank, is a sufficient condition for evaluating investments and renegotiating them.

It is obvious that the market today does not have conditions to renegotiate credits, but it is also obvious that no bank wants to lose a customer with financial capacity and significant banking relationship just because it is not in the position to trade or because the market does not allow it .

mortgage loan

It is wrong to think so. As a banking client, whenever he considers himself to be better in life financially, he has more opportunities to enter into a process of continuous improvement. However, the scenario is precisely the opposite, only banks are used when the financial situation is weak and with little room for maneuver, thus risking a denial and no possibility of retaliation.

In many cases, only the consolidation of credits remains as a solution, even compromising to a negation, letting all advantages and benefits and ability to earn money to consolidate credits fall to the ground.

A simple act that all bank customers should have, at least once in the course of housing credit and which occurs infrequently, otherwise even a small minority of customers that this act occurs, is partial early repayment. Admittedly, there are some obstacles to this, but let’s go deeper into the subject.

The Power to Reduce 20% of the Debt in Mortgage

The Power to Reduce 20% of the Debt in Mortgage

We recently published an article on 4 strategies for raising interest rates and in that same article one of the topics was the early amortization of 20%. To remember this is the example of a loan of 150,000 euros where it is possible to verify that the amortization of 20% yields more than 11,500 euros of savings interest.


It Will Be Worth to Repay Your Mortgage

It Will Be Worth to Repay Your Mortgage

It confronts two attitudes to the advantages and disadvantages of early amortization. The mortgage loan simulator is of enormous use especially at this time when banks have high interest rates to remunerate their clients’ capital.

However, there is the emotional impact on investments, ie the importance attached to debt relief or increased savings. For many clients to write off housing credit, even if this attitude represents the best savings in the future, it has an incredible impact on emotional life.

The difficulty of assuming that delivering money due to the bank in advance and seeing the global savings levels decrease is an emotional hurdle that not all customers can overcome.

This is a gap in financial literacy in Portugal and the rational versus emotional confrontation that prevails in most bank clients’ decisions, not only in relation to credit relationships but also in investments.

It is important to overcome these obstacles and take financial life as a noble management act where value creation is the main goal of the manager who in this case is you.


Personal Loans For Unemployed – How To


If you are unemployed it is natural that you need the liquidity to make ends meet monthly. He made the analysis to his family budget and already cut costs but he needs money and he turns to the requests of personal credit. Even there are websites that claim to be possible personal credit for unemployed.

Is It Possible To Have A Personal Loan Being Unemployed?

Is It Possible To Have A Personal Loan Being Unemployed?

The answer is immediate and without question. It is not possible to have access to personal credit in situations of unemployment. The reason is simple and we can easily perceive it. The bank asks for guarantees and those who are unemployed simply can not guarantee that they will be able to pay their installments. Even if you do not have a lot of expenses or credits, and even if your effort rate is very low, there is no guarantee that the bank will be able to find a job before its unemployment benefit expires.

The Personal Loan for Unemployed is a SUCCESS

The Personal Loan for Unemployed is a SUCCESS

Unable to access credit when unemployed, be aware that the forms you fill out will be a scam. You may be contacted by companies that grant you a pre-approval in exchange for payment of an analysis fee (typically between € 90 and € 120). Alternatively, we may be talking about other less legitimate alternatives. For more detail we suggest you read “Urgent Loans – Beware of Quick Money”.

I need to cut benefits but I’m unemployed. What are the Alternatives?

I need to cut benefits but I

If you are unemployed and need to reduce your monthly costs, we suggest the credit negotiation solution and see our articles on how to save money. You may be in a state of despair but there is always an alternative.

A second alternative will involve asking a trusted family member to borrow a fast personal loan on your behalf. Keep in mind that this situation can cause embarrassment and difficulties in your relationship. But it may be the solution to your problems.